About game

WesTurn is fast turn-based multiplayer game set in wild west, where players builds their gang and competes with gangs of other players in matches.


The main difference between WesTurn and other turn-based games is unique system of turn execution.
In WesTurn all players plan their moves at the same time so there is no waiting time for your opponents !

Long term goal for player is to grow their own gang of colorful characters and compete in battles against other player to gain respect.

Screenshots (work in progress vesion)

ingame ingame menu

Want to get an Exclusive Access?

We are still working on a game. You can get an exclusive look and chance to contribute to the development of WesTurn by giving us valuable feedback. Join closed beta to participate.


SCORE (cz) : "Čistě westernová hříčka Westurn je zatím prototypem ve fázi sbírání nápadů. Přesto jsme si proti sobě tuhle tahovou strategii zkusili. Celé to vypadá tak, že dva hráči současně naplánují řetězec tahů a ty se následně provedou. Například necháte kovboje popojít o políčko, vystřelit na odhadovanou pozici protihráče, přebít zbraň a schovat za překážku."